Fun-Run for a safer Australia


Day for Daniel Fun-Run

Daniel Morcombe Foundation has joined forces with School Fun-Run to create the Day for Daniel Fun-Run on Friday, October 25. The goal of raising money is to empower the Foundation to increase awareness of child safety within Australian schools.

All schools are invited to host their own School Fun-Run on Day for Daniel, the national day of action to raise awareness of child safety. It was created by the Daniel Morcombe Foundation and the community is asked to wear red, talk about child safety and raise funding for the cause.



#1 Recognise

Are you safe?  What do you see around you? Who are you with?  Understand how your body will give you body clues to let you know that you may not be safe.  Body clues are things like, a fast beating heart, shaky hands or legs, sweating a lot or even feeling sick.

#2 React

Know what to do if you ever feel unsafe. Try and move away from the person or place that is making you feel scared or uncomfortable. This could mean walking or running to another location or putting down a device like a tablet or closing the computer.  It’s important to try and find a place that is safe.  It’s ok to say ‘No’ in a loud voice, or make a noise to try and alert other people.

#3 Report

Make sure you tell an adult who will listen to you, believe you and help you to feel safe again.  These adults are called safety helpers and can be family members, school staff, sports coaches or even police. It’s important to know how to contact safety helpers and there should be at least one safety helper that is not part of your immediate family. It’s helpful to try and think of at least 5 safety helpers and write down their names and contact details.